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French Ichthyological Society

Established on 28 January 1976, the Société Française d’Ichtyologie grew rapidly both in France and internationally. Despite a change in its status in 1988, its aims have not changed since its beginning. In response to point four of its aims – provide a link between its members by distributing a specific publication – the journal Cybium was created in 1977. The SFI has also published or helped to have published certain publications, some of which have been released as special issues of our journal.


International Journal of Ichthyology

Cybium, the International Journal of Ichthyology, edited by the Société Française d’Ichtyologie, publishes original articles, review articles, summaries of theses, book reviews and information of interest to members of the Society and ichthyologists in general. Subjects covered include ichthyology in general, both basic and applied, and covers freshwater, marine and fossil fishes.


15 October 2021
Job offers

The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) is looking for a PhD student (f/m/d) studying population genomics of minnows in the framework of the Leibniz association-funded... Read more...

15 October 2021
Job offers

The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change (LIB) is looking for a PhD student (f/m/d) studying morphology, ecology, and niche occupation of minnows in the framework of the... Read more...

01 July 2021

Le mot du président

Che(è)r(e)s Collègues, 

Notre assemblée générale de mai s’est bien passée et je remercie tout ceux qui ont pu y participer. Nous avons pu élire... Read more...

12 October 2021

Irreplaceable freshwater species and habitats on which humanity depends are being lost at a faster rate than on land or in seas; world leaders must prioritize urgent and targeted actions to... Read more...

11 October 2021
Job offers

Contamination des espèces halieutiques marines et DCSMM : analyse de la variabilité des concentrations et modélisation de la bioamplification en vue de l’amélioration des indicateurs... Read more...

30 September 2021 to 03 October 2021

Ce premier congrès franco-canadien sur les Sciences Aquatiques a pour objectif de renforcer et développer les collaborations entre les scientifiques de l’ensemble de l’Atlantique Nord.
...

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