Desktop Publishing (DTP) work

We currently produce, proof and supervise the printing of Cybium (four issues a year) and Vie et Milieu. We have also managed (production, layout, proofing and printing supervision) several other publications (Mémoire à plusieurs voix for AMAPOF, Piranhas enivrés for the Porte Dorée Aquarium).
Many scientific associations or societies that publish scientific reviews or journals have difficulty finding desk-top publishing services at a reasonable cost. Commercial businesses (printers, etc.) offer these services but at prices that are beyond our reach, not to mention private publishers whose main concern is the bottom line.
We are therefore offering our desk-top publishing services for your journal or review. As a non-profit association, we simply want to share our experience at affordable rates.
You are welcome to contact us for any additional information you may require or, more importantly, for a personalised quotation for our desk-top publishing services for your publication.