Scorpaenopsis rubrimarginatus, a new species of scorpionfish from Réunion, southwestern Indian Ocean (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae)

Fricke R., Durville P., Mulochau T.

Published date: July 2013
Volume: 37
Number: 3
Pagination: 207–215
Publisher: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

The scorpionfish Scorpaenopsis rubrimarginatus n. sp. is described based on a single specimen from 80 m depth off Réunion, southwestern Indian Ocean. The new species is characterised within the Scorpaenopsis cotticeps lineage, which comprises small and short-snouted species with the upper opercular spine divided into two or more points (two points in S. rubrimarginatus), by a combination of the following characters: 16 pectoral-fin rays, 23 lateral-line scales, 42 scales in longitudinal series on body, the posterior lacrimal spine single, a broad space present between the eye and the suborbital ridge, the suborbital ridge bearing five retrorse spines, the interorbital ridges not elevated posteriorly to join the tip of the tympanic spines, a deep subtriangular suborbital pit present, the base of the parietal spines curving strongly into the occipital pit, the orbit large (eye diameter 0.62 in snout length; preorbital length 2.4 in head length), a small, triangular supraocular tentacle present, the head length 2.3 in SL, the first dorsal-fin spine 2.5 in second spine, the second anal-fin spine about equal in length to third spine and the pectoral-fin of the male with a large black spot basally on 8th-10th rays (which is missing in females). Scorpaenopsis rubrimarginatus n. sp. is compared with related species. A revised key to the species of the genus Scorpaenopsis is provided.

Keywords: Indian Ocean - New species - Réunion Island - Scorpaenidae - Scorpaenopsis rubrimarginatus - Scorpionfish - Systematics
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