Revision of the Pelvicachromis taeniatus-group (Perciformes), with revalidation of the taxon Pelvicachromis kribensis (Boulenger, 1911) and description of a new species

Lamboj A., Bartel D., Dell’Ampio E.

Published date: September 2014
Volume: 38
Number: 3
Pagination: 205–222
Publisher: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Sixty-six specimens of seven populations of the Pelvicachromis taeniatus-group are compared and examined, using molecular and anatomical-morphological methods as well as coloration patterns. Accordingly, the taxon P. taeniatus is restricted to populations from Benin and Nigeria. For most populations from Cameroon the old taxon P. kribensis is revalidated and specimens from the Wouri River are described as a new species, P. drachenfelsi sp. nov. Species diagnosis is based on molecular characters and coloration patterns – mainly in the coloration of the male caudal fin. Pelvicachromis drachenfelsi sp. nov. shares a black margin and white to pale bluish submargin in the lower half of the male caudal fin with P. taeniatus, a coloration pattern absent in P. kribensis, but it differs from P. taeniatus by a white margin and a black submargin in the dorsal half of this fin (vs a pattern of dots in P. taeniatus). Additionally, female of P. taeniatus differ from those of P. drachenfelsi sp. nov. and P. kribensis by two or three horizontal dark bars in the caudal fin (vs none in P. drachenfelsi sp. nov. and one in most populations of P. kribensis). The populations of P. kribensis from the Moliwe River system and the Nyong River system potentially represent a new species, but a definitive decision requires additional material and study. The molecular phylogeny points to the possibility that Pelvicachromis is not monophyletic.

Keywords: Cameroon - Chromidotilapiines - Cichlidae - Nigeria - Pelvicachromis taeniatus - Taxonomy
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