A review of the amphidromous species of the Glossogobius celebius complex, with description of three new species

Hoese D.F., Allen G.R.

Published date: December 2011
Volume: 35
Number: 4
Pagination: 269–284
Publisher: Société Française d’Ichtyologie
doi: https://doi.org/10.26028/cybium/2011-354-002

Amphidromous species of the Glossogobius celebius complex found in lower reaches rivers of the eastern Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean are reviewed. Glossogobius celebius is not as widely distributed as previously thought and is confined to the eastern Indian Ocean to eastern Indonesia. Three species are described as new species from Australia, New Guinea and various localities in the western Pacific. The species are distinguished on the basis of coloration, anal fin-ray and predorsal scale counts, head pores and papilla patterns. 

Keywords: freshwater - Glossogobius - Gobiidae - Indo-Pacific - New species
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