PhD Position in Natural Science, specializing in Biology – University of Gothenburg

Project description

This project will focus on movement patterns of sea trout in their spawning stream and their survival during migration towards the sea. The overall aim is to examine how the migration distance of adult sea trout (from the sea to the spawning ground) correlates with the behaviour, growth and survival of their offspring. We will also predict the production of seaward migrating juveniles (smolts) based on detailed habitat mapping and juvenile densities in streams ranging in latitude from France to Norway. There will be opportunities for the students to frame hers/his research areas based on personal interest within this framework. The student will work in close collaboration with a network of scientist across Europe and be closely linked to an ICES working group on sea trout. Main supervisor will be professor Johan Höjesjö from the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and co supervisor; professor Eva Thorstad from the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research.