First record of the Small-eyed loter Prionobutis microps (Weber, 1907) (Teleostei: Eleotridae: Butinae) in Java, Indonesia

Hasan V., South J., Katz A.M., Ottoni F.P.

Published date: May 2022
Volume: 46
Number: 1
Pagination: 049-051
Publisher: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

The eleotrid Small-eyed loter Prionobutis microps is found in tropical and subtropical brackish and freshwater environments from Southeast Asia to Australia. This species is currently known to occur in estuaries and the lower to middle reaches of rivers in New Guinea, Northern Australia, Papua (Indonesia), Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia (Malaysia). Records of occurrence on the east coast of India are considered uncertain. Despite this species’ wide distribution there are no published records in Java (Indonesia). We thus report the first occurrence of P. microps on the northern coast of Java, based on two specimens collected in the Solo River Estuary, East Java Province, Indonesia. This new record corresponds to a distribution range extension of about 2500 km west from Northern Australia and about 2200 km southeast from the Malay Peninsular.

Keywords: Distribution extension - eleotrid - Estuary - Small-eyed gudgeon - Small-eyed loter - Western Pacific
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