French ichthyological records for 2018

Iglésias S.P., Bergot P., Breton P., Brunelle S., Camusat M., Causse R., Charbonnel É., Chevaldonné P., Cordier Y., Cosquer P., Cuillandre J.P., Curd A., Dubas R., Duhau M., Derrien-Courtel S., Devique G., Dixneuf S., Duhamel E., Farque P.A., Francour P., Fontana Y., Gamon A., Gicqueau C., Goascoz N., Hassani S., Jadaud A., Kopp D., Lamour L., Le Bris S., Lévèque L., Liger P., Lorance P., Louisy P., Maran V., Méhault S., Metral L., Morin-Repinçay A., Mouchel O., Pere A., Quéro J.C., Renoult J.P., Roche F., Schweyer L., Spitz J., Thiriet P., Thomas W.

Published date: November 2020
Volume: 44
Number: 4
Pagination: 285-307

Corresponding author: Samuel P. Iglésias,

How to cite: Iglésias, S. P., Bergot, P., Breton, P., Brunelle, S., Camusat, M., Causse, R., Charbonnel, E., Chevaldonné, P., Cordier, Y., Cosquer, P., Cuillandre, J.-P., Curd, A., Dubas, R., Duhau, M., Derrien-Courtel, S., Devique, G., Dixneuf, S., Duhamel, E., Farque, P.-A., Francour†, P., Fontana, Y., Gamon, A., Gicqueau, C., Goascoz, N., Hassani, S., Jadaud, A., Kopp, D., Lamour, L., Le Bris, S., Lévèque, L., Liger, P., Lorance, P., Louisy, P., Maran, V., Méhault, S., Metral, L., Morin-Repinçay, A., Mouchel, O., Pere, A., Quéro, J.-C., Renoult, J. P., Roche, F., Schweyer, L., Spitz, J., Thiriet, P., & Thomas, W. (2020). French ichthyological records for 2018. Cybium, 44(4); 285-307.


Uncommon records of fishes may evidence local or global changes in fish composition resulting from environmental change or anthropogenic activities. Significant records of uncommon marine fishes, including migrant, non-native, cryptic, rare and threatened species, collected in French waters or by French vessels in European waters, observed by scuba divers or beachgoers, are reported for the year 2018. They include first, new, rare and unusual records for the following 52 species: Hexanchus griseus, Squatina squatina, Gymnura altavela, Acipenser sturio, A. gueldenstaedtii, Dalophis imberbis, Nemichthys curvirostris, Eurypharynx pelecanoidesMaulisia mauli, M. microlepis, Sagamichthys schnakenbecki, Melanostomias bartonbeani, Astronesthes niger*, Leptostomias gladiator*, Chlorophthalmus agassizi, Magnisudis atlantica, Evermannella balbo, Regalecus glesne, Luvarus imperialis, Raniceps raninus, Fistularia cf. petimba*, Trigla lyra, Lepidotrigla dieuzeidei, Micrenophrys lilljeborgii, Howella atlantica*, Pomatomus saltatrix, Serranus cabrilla, Caranx crysos, Seriola rivoliana, Trachinotus ovatus, Lobotes surinamensis, Sarpa salpa, Chelon ramada, Pseudoscopelus altipinnis*, Trachinus draco, Parablennius pilicornis, P. ruber, Buenia affinis, B. jeffreysii, Chromogobius zebratusDidogobius splechtnai, Gammogobius steinitzi, Gobius couchi, G. kolombatovici, Lebetus sp., Speleogobius trigloides, Thorogobius macrolepis, Vanneaugobius dollfusi, Siganus rivulatus*, Lepidocybium flavobrunneumHyperoglyphe sp. et Pegusa cf. nasuta, among which six, marked with an asterisk (*), represent additions to the Checklist of the marine fishes from metropolitan France and one, N. curvirostris, is a first record for the Mediterranean.

Keywords: distribution - Expansion - First record - Fishes - Mediterranean - New record - Northeastern Atlantic
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