Circulation and hydrography over the Kerguelen Plateau

Park Y.H., Vivier F.

Published date: September 2011
Volume: 35
Number: SP
Pagination: 043-055

How to cite: Park, Y.-H., & Vivier, F. (2011). Circulation and hydrography over the Kerguelen Plateau. Cybium, 35(SP): 43-55.


The Kerguelen Plateau is the largest near-meridional submarine plateau lying across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), affecting significantly the large-scale circulation and pathways of the different water masses across the plateau. This has important implication not only for the local primary productivity and marine ecosystem, but also for the meridional overturning circulation of the Southern Ocean. We give here a short review of the circulation and hydrography as well as the ACC transport over and around the Kerguelen Plateau.

Keywords: Antarctic Circumpolar Current - Kerguelen Plateau - Large-scale circulation - Topographic steering - Transport
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