Checklist of the marine fishes from metropolitan France

Béarez P., Pruvost P., Feunteun E., Iglésias S.P., Francour P., Causse R., De Mazieres J., Tercerie S., Bailly N.

Published date: December 2017
Volume: 41
Number: 4
Pagination: 351-371

How to cite: Béarez, P., Pruvost, P., Feunteun, E., Iglésias, S. P., Francour, P., Causse, R., De Mazieres, J., Tercerie, S., & Bailly, N. (2017). Checklist of the marine fishes from metropolitan France. Cybium, 41(4): 351-371.


A list of the marine fish species occurring in the French EEZ was assembled from more than 200 references. No updated list has been published since the 19th century, although incomplete versions were available in several biodiversity information systems. The list contains 729 species distributed in 185 families. It is a preliminary step for the Atlas of Marine Fishes of France that will be further elaborated within the INPN (the National Inventory of the Natural Heritage:

Keywords: Marine fishes - Mediterranean Sea - Metropolitan France - Northeast Atlantic - Taxonomic list
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