The Kerguelen Plateau: Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries


G. Duhamel, D. Welsford

Abstract / Preface

The Kerguelen Plateau, located in the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean, is the second largest submarine plateau in the world. Despite the remoteness of the islands that emerge from the Plateau, following their discovery at the end of the 18th century the abundant marine living resources of the region have been a focus of human endeavour. Initially, whales and seals were harvested, but at the turn of the 20th century, fisheries for finfish commenced and continued since. The latter half of the 20th century saw increased marine research activities, which includes oceanographic, biological and ecological studies, directed at better understanding this region and its role in the diversity, structure and function of the ecosystems of the Southern Ocean and sustainable use of its resources.
The Kerguelen Plateau is a unique area for promoting and conducting international scientific collaboration. French and Australian research scientists, along with researchers from a diverse range of nations, have accumulated substantial knowledge of the area.
This book is a compilation of scientific contributions from the Symposium The Kerguelen Plateau, Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries, held in 2010 at Concarneau, France. It aims to provide the first general overview of this unique marine realm and the current state of scientific understanding of its diverse components.
G. Duhamel (MNHN, France) and D. Welsford (AAD, Australia) have extensive experience in scientific research in the waters of the Kerguelen Plateau. In consolidating these Symposium acts, they hope to give the broad audience a glimpse of the collaborative science being done to better understand and manage this region.


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