Two southeastern Atlantic records of the rare largetooth cookiecutter shark, Isistius plutodus (Selachii, Squaliformes, Dalatiidae)

Stehmann M., Kukuev E.I.

Date de parution: mars 2015
Volume: 39
Number: 1
Pagination: 073–077
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Two more females of the very rare pelagic dalatiid shark Isistius plutodus Garrick & Springer, 1964 are reported as the first records from the open SE Atlantic over the Walvis Ridge. These are described in detail with their morphometrics and internal meristics, and illustrated with photographs. All 10 specimens so far published after the holotype have been tracked regarding their whereabouts, with the result that only five of them (at AMS, MOVI, ZMH, ZUEC) do still exist, plus the two SE Atlantic records described here and a new record from off Japan.

Mots-clés: Dalatiidae - Isistius plutodus - New records - Rare species - SE Atlantic
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