Manuscrits sous presse

  • Oocyte distribution, ovarian organization, and spawning pattern in Lutjanus griseus.

    • Macal-López Karina del Carmen
    • Brulé Thierry
    • Torres-Villegas Julián René
    • Montero-Muñoz Jorge Luis
    Date d'acceptation: 02 juin 2022
    Statut: Sous presse/In press


    The grey snapper Lutjanus griseus is one of the main snapper species exploited by Mexican artisanal fishers in the southern Gulf of Mexico. An analysis was done of oocyte growth dynamic in the gonads of female L. griseus from the continental shelf of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Oocytes were found to develop homogeneously within the ovaries of this snapper. Lutjanus griseus exhibits an asynchronous ovarian organization and is a batch spawner. Oocyte diameter frequency distributions in ovaries suggest that L. griseus fecundity may be indeterminate.