Manuscrits sous presse

  • First records of Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis and Scophthalmus maximus (Scophthalmidae) from the Canary Islands (north-eastern Atlantic)

    • González, José A.
    • Lorenzo, José M.
    • Telle, Arthur
    Date d'acceptation: 22 août 2023
    Statut: Sous presse/In press


    The capture of several individuals of Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis and the sighting of two individuals of Scophthalmus maximus represent the first records for these scophthalmid species from the Canary Islands. It is very likely that both species are present in Canarian waters due to natural range expansions from nearby areas. This work also contributes to the knowledge of the morphological and meristic characteristics of the southernmost populations of these eastern Atlantic cold-temperate species.

  • First record of the fire-eyed loach Barbucca diabolica Roberts 1989 (Cypriniformes: Barbuccidae) for Belitung Island, Indonesia

    • Hasan Veryl
    • Kusumah Wanda
    • Purnawan Marta
    • Nasidi Nasidi
    • Arianto Arianto
    • Wijaya Imam
    • Yusnandar Firman
    • Baptista Yohanes
    • South Josie
    • Ottoni Felipe
    Date d'acceptation: 14 septembre 2023
    Statut: Sous presse/In press


    The fire-eyed loach Barbucca diabolica, found in Southeast Asian freshwaters, is currently known from Thailand, West Malaysia, Sumatra, and Borneo. Despite this wide distribution, there are no published reports of this species for Belitung Island (Indonesia). We report the first occurrence of B. diabolica for Belitung Island, based on two specimens collected in the East Belitung Province. This new record extends the species distribution about 600 km southeast from Johor (Malay Peninsular, Malaysia), which is about 400 km east from Musi River (Sumatra, Indonesia), and about 500 km southwest from Kapuas River (Borneo, Indonesia). Here we also register the species for an additional island in Sundaland region.

  • Anomalous specimens of Rhamdia quelen (Siluriformes: Heptapteridae) and Gymnotus cf. sylvius (Gymnotiformes: Gymnotidae)

    • CORAZZA, Ligia Q.
    • OTTONI, F. P.
    • SILVA, C.V.
    • NUNES, A.V.P.
    • KATZ, A.M.
    Date d'acceptation: 26 septembre 2023
    Statut: Sous presse/In press


    Here we describe anomalies in two Neotropical freshwater fishes. Case 1 refers to a tumor above the left pectoral fin near the operculum of a specimen of Rhamdia quelen (Heptapteridae). Case 2 is a horizontal plane dichotomy of the caudal filament of an individual of Gymnotus cf. sylvius (Gymnotidae). We also provide a brief comment of the possible cause of the anomalies in individuals of both species.  

  • New records of the recently described Pomatoschistus nanus Engin & Seyhan, 2017 (Teleostei: Gobiidae)

    • Kovačić Marcelo
    • Šanda Radek
    • Vukić Jasna
    • Renoult Julien P.
    • Falzon Mark-Anthony
    Date d'acceptation: 28 septembre 2023
    Statut: Sous presse/In press


    New records of the recently described Mediterranean goby Pomatoschistus nanus Engin & Seyhan, 2017 are reported. The species was identified by genetics, morphology and coloration. The records from Malta and Cyprus significantly extend the known geographic distribution of the species. The record from Malta further extends the upper depth limit and the known maximum size of this species, currently considered the smallest fish of the Mediterranean Sea. The morphological variability of P. nanus is discussed.