Sequence analysis of Somatolactin from Cichlasoma dimerus and its relation with MCH and GnRH systems

Cánepa M., Pozzi A., Carcagno A., Maggese M.C., Vissio P.

Date de parution: juillet 2008
Volume: 32
Number: 2 suppl.
Pagination: 055-056
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

In this study we detected a clear morphological close association between MCH fibers and SL cells in the Pars Intermedia. According to this finding, pituitaries incubated with MCH showed an increase of SL release in a dosedependent manner. GnRH was used as control stimuli and showed dose dependence as well. These results propose that MCH and GnRH play a role in the cdSL release. On the other hand, cdSL is highly related to Perciform fish and contains a N-Glycosylation site at position 121 and includes the seven characteristic cysteine residues of the mature peptide.

Mots-clés: Gnrh - MCH - Pituitary - Somatolactin
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