Seasonal-dependent effect of endosulfan exposure on gonadotropins of Cichlasoma dimerus (Perciformes, Cichlidae)

Da Cuña R., Pandolfi M., Piazza Y., Maggese M.C., Vissio P., Lo Nostro F.

Date de parution: juillet 2008
Volume: 32
Number: 2 suppl.
Pagination: 054
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Adult C. dimerus were exposed for 2 months to endosulfan (ES) during summer or winter. Pituitaries were processed for Western blot (WB) or immunohistochemistry (IHQ) to evaluate LH and FSH content. WB showed a decrease in the pituitary ir-FSH content and an increase in that of LH in exposed fish during summer, correlating with the morphometric analysis of ir-cells. In winter the opposite tendencies were observed in pituitary content. This supports the role of ES as an endocrine disruptor and the existence of seasonal variations in gonadotropin’s responsiveness to ES.

Mots-clés: Cichlidae - Endosulfan - Gonadotropins - Reproductive cycle - Teleosts
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