Review of Ophiocara (Teleostei: Butidae) from Indo-Pacific Islands

Keith P., Mennesson M.I.

Date de parution: mai 2021
Volume: 45
Number: 2
Pagination: 089-108

How to cite: Keith, P., & Mennesson, M. I. (2021). Review of Ophiocara (Teleostei: Butidae) from Indo-Pacific Islands. Cybium, 45(2): 89-108.


Ophiocara species from the Indo-Pacific area are reviewed. Three species are recognized using genetic and morphomeristic approaches. The species differ by a high percentage of divergence (around 8%) in partial COI gene (446 bp) and by several characters including the number of scales in lateral, transverse backward, zigzag, and predorsal series, and the jaw length.

Mots-clés: Butidae - Indo-Pacific - Ophiocara
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