Redescription of Coregonus bavaricus Hofer, 1909 from Lake Ammersee, Bavaria (Salmoniformes: Coregonidae)

Freyhof J.

Date de parution: avril 2005
Volume: 29
Number: 2
Pagination: 179-183
Editeur: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

Coregonus bavaricus is redescribed based on literature data and three specimens from Lake Ammersee in Germany caught in 1951 (2) and 2003 (1). It is distinguished from other species of Coregonus in prealpine lakes by: 18-30 gill rakers; short head; pectorals, when folded forward, reaching at most to corner of mouth, pectorals 17-19% SL; spawning in June-July. This species is endemic to Lake Ammersee, and, apparently, at the very border of extinction today.

Mots-clés: Coregonidae - Coregonus bavaricus - Endemic species - Germany - Lake Ammersee
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