The presence of the seahorse Hippocampus patagonicus in the Argentine Sea based on the cytochrome b sequence of mitochondrial DNA

Luzzatto D.C., Sieira R., Pujol M.G., Díaz de Astarloa J.M.

Date de parution: juin 2012
Volume: 36
Number: 2
Pagination: 329–333
Editeur: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

This study aimed at sequencing the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene (cyt b) of seahorses morphologically identified as Hippocampus patagonicus Piacentino {&} Luzzatto, 2004 from the two known localities where the species occur in the Argentine Sea (San Antonio Oeste and Mar del Plata). Based on the lack of substitutions within cyt b found between the individuals of both localities, the geographical range of H. patagonicus was extended up to the Northern limit of the Argentine Sea. A phylogenetic analysis comparing the cyt b sequences of Hippocampus species revealed that H. patagonicus together with H. hippocampus and H. erectus belong to a monophyletic group of species. The comparison of the cyt b sequence of Hippocampus cf. erectus from Southern Brazil with that one of H. patagonicus resulted in scarce differences. This could suggest the presence of H. patagonicus in southern Brazil, although further investigation is needed to resolve the taxonomic status of H. erectus in the South Western Atlantic.

Mots-clés: Syngnathidae - Hippocampus patagonicus - South Western Atlantic - cyt b - Record
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