Postembryonic development of appendicular and axial skeletons in Labeo parvus (Cyprinidae)

Lederoun D., Montchowui E., Lalèyè P., Poncin P., Vandewalle P.

Date de parution: février 2017
Volume: 41
Number: 1
Pagination: 003-010
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

The axial and appendicular skeletons in Labeo parvus (Cyprinidae) were investigated from hatching to 29 days post-hatch (dph) in cleared and stained specimens. The cartilaginous axial caudal skeleton of L. parvus develops like in other cyprinids. The first cartilaginous elements, namely hypurals I and II, appeared 6 dph before notochord flexion. Ossification of the complex begins with that of caudal rays on day 10, next the vertebral bodies, and then all the hypurals on day 14. Dorsal fin development is quite comparable to that of the anal fin. Cartilaginous structures (proximal and distal pterygiophores) appear on day 14 in both fins. Ossification of both fins starts with the rays on day 14, then with the anterior pterygiophores on day 19. Examination of the axial skeleton shows that cartilaginous structures, namely basidorsals and basiventrals, arise on day 14 while ossification begins with the anterior vertebral structures on day 10.

Mots-clés: Cyprinidae - Labeo parvus - Postembryonic development - Unpaired fins - Vertebral column
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