Know your fish – venturing further with the FishBase Guide app

Nauen C.E., Rius-Barile J., Palomares M.L.D.

Date de parution: juillet 2023
Volume: 47
Number: 3
Pagination: 309-313

Corresponding author: Cornelia E. Nauen,

How to cite: Nauen, C. E., Rius-Barile, J., & Palomares, M. L. D. (2023). Know your fish – venturing further with the FishBase Guide app. Cybium, 47(3): 309-313.


FishBase is a comprehensive free online repository of scientifically validated information about marine and freshwater fish species. It has had ~1.2 million monthly visits from ~350,000 unique visitors in recent years. It contains large datasets for a wide range of potential applications and provides biological data and analytical routines for use in fisheries and aquaculture research and management. Most non-specialist users take advantage of only a small fraction of the possibilities available. Here, we present an electronic application (app) developed for Android devices to increase the usefulness of FishBase to a wider audience. The FishBase Guide app is designed to be minimalistic without direct website navigation. Key information is provided in visual form: a picture of the fish, infographics indicating length [cm] at first maturity, optimum length (for Maximum Sustainable Yield, MSY), maximum length, and a combined vulnerability index for sustainable resource use and spawning season. Information can be searched by common name and country or by scientific name. If more information is subsequently requested, the app connects to the species summary page on the FishBase website. The emphasis on visual displays makes it also a candidate for applications in education and with groups of people with little formal education.

Mots-clés: Environmental Education - FishBase - Minimum Length - User Choice - Vulnerability
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