First records of nine fish species from Réunion Island observed during an inventory of the fauna of mesophotic zone

Mulochau T., Durville P., Fricke R., Plantard P., Loisil C., Broudic L., Martigné J.C.

Date de parution: décembre 2021
Volume: 45
Number: 4
Pagination: 265-274
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Corresponding author: Thierry Mulochau,


Nine species of marine fishes are observed from Réunion Island for the first time, during a faunal inventory under MesoRun program (Meso: mesophotic and Run: Reunion). These species, Dunckerocampus boylei Kuiter 1998 (Syngnathidae), Luzonichthys waitei (Fowler, 1931) (Serranidae), Plectranthias winniensis (Tyler, 1966) (Serranidae), Ostorhinchus fukuii (Hayashi, 1990) (Apogonidae), Hoplolatilus cuniculus Randall & Dooley, 1974 (Malacanthidae), Pterocaesio lativittata (Carpenter, 1987) (Caesionidae), Halichoeres trispilus Randall & Smith, 1982 (Labridae), Priolepis nocturna (Smith, 1957) (Gobiidae) and Canthigaster tyleri Allen & Randall, 1977 (Tetraodontidae) were photographed in the lower mesophotic zone (70-110 m depth). New depth records are provided for Luzonichthys waitei (102 m), Ostorhinchus fukuii (100 m), Pterocaesio lativittata (100 m), Halichoeres trispilus (110 m), Priolepis nocturna (97 m) and Canthigaster tyleri (85 m). The ichthyological diversity in the mesophotic zone in the southwestern Indian Ocean, especially within mesophotic coral ecosystems, has been poorly studied. More thorough sampling efforts would probably result in the photographing of new species never before observed in Réunion Island.

Mots-clés: Fish species - Mesophotic coral ecosystem (MCEs) - New observations - Réunion Island - Tropical marine ichthyofauna
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