The family Moridae (Gadiformes) from the Cape Verde Islands (eastern-central Atlantic Ocean), with first record of Physiculus cyanostrophus

González J.A., Tariche O., Santana J.I., García-Mederos A.M., Tuset V.M., Jiménez S., Biscoito M.

Date de parution: juin 2010
Volume: 34
Number: 2
Pagination: 217–221
Editeur: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

An account of the species of the family Moridae from the Cape Verde Islands is given. Physiculus cyanostrophus Anderson and & Tweddle, 2002 and possible new species of this genus are recorded for the first time from the Cape Verdes, which brings to six the number of morid species recorded for the area. The presence of Gadella imberbis (Vaillant, 1888) is confirmed in this archipelago. Available data on distribution, habitat, morphometry and reproduction of the species studied are presented. An identification key to morid genera and species occurring off the Cape Verde Island and adjacent seas is provided as well. Laemonema laureysi Poll, 1953 is by far the most abundant Cape Verdean morid. Given its abundance, size and flesh quality, it may be of potential commercial interest in the future.

Mots-clés: ANE - Cape Verde Islands - First record - Gadella imberbis - Laemonema laureysi - Moridae - Physiculus cyanostrophus
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