Description of a new pangasiid catfish from South-East Asia (Siluriformes)

Pouyaud L., Teugels G.G., Legendre M.

Date de parution: juin 1999
Volume: 23
Number: 3
Pagination: 247-258
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Pangasius kunyit sp. n. is described on specimens from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. The new species belongs to the subgenus Pangasius (Pangasius). It is recognised from the other species of this subgenus by the combination of the following characters: a large, somewhat spatulated head (head depth 48.0-54.7% HL; head width 70.7-76.6% HL; snout length 48.0-53.4% HL), a short palatine toothplate (palatine length 10.0-12.8% HL; palatine width 4.0-5.2% HL) and a very robust dorsal spine (width of spine 9.25-11.2 times in its length).

Mots-clés: Indonesia - Malaysia - New species - Pangasiidae - Pangasius kunyit - Taxonomy - Vietnam
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