Deep water skates of Madagascar. Part 3. Rajidae (Pisces, Chondrichthyes, Batoidea). Raja (Dipturus) crosnieri sp. n.

Séret B.

Date de parution: avril 1989
Volume: 13
Number: 2
Pagination: 115-130
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

A new species of deep water skate, Raja (Dipturus) crosnieri, is described from 23 specimens, juveniles and adults of both sexes, trawled on the continental slopes of the north-western coast (off Nosy Be) and south-western coast (off Tulear) of Madagascar, between 300 and 850 m depth. The taxonomic status of subgenera Dipturus Rafinesque, 1810, and Okamejei Ishiyama, 1958, is discussed and the new species is compared to its congeners of subgenus Dipturus.

Mots-clés: ISW - Malagasy Rep. - New species - Raja (Dipturus) crosnieri - Rajidae - Taxonomy
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