Checklist of fishes from the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago

Simian G., Abraham D., Bailly N., Béarez P., Urtizberea F., Perrot A., Goraguer H., Langlois R., Daszkiewicz P., Teletchea F., Tercerie S., Denys G.P.J.

Date de parution: novembre 2022
Volume: 46
Number: 4
Pagination: 371-384

Corresponding author: Gaëlle Simian,

How to cite: Simian, G., Abraham, D., Bailly, N., Béarez, P., Urtizberea, F., Perrot, A., Goraguer, H., Langlois, R., Daszkiewicz, P., Teletchea, F., Tercerie, S., & Denys, G. P. J. (2022). Checklist of fishes from the Saint Pierre and Miquelon archipelago. Cybium, 46(4): 371-384.


A list of diadromous and marine fishes occurring in the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon archipelago and its EEZ has been compiled from various available data sources: collections, local and international databases, and literature. This belated work was needed as the only existing checklist dates back to the 19th century and FishBase, as of early 2022, provided a list of only 14 species, and 81 in the French taxonomic register TAXREF. The list assembled here covers 122 species, of which 111 are marine fishes, assigned to 103 genera and 66 families. This list is not comprehensive, but it constitutes a first reference, to be updated with new information.

Mots-clés: Diadromous fishes - Marine fishes - Northwest Atlantic - Taxonomy
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