Aquariums and FishBase partnership to increase knowledge of fish biology

Teletchea F., Bailly N., Bun O., Degors M., De Wever T., François V., Husson L., Le Yannou T., Loyau R., Marc T., Marteau E., Sinthes M., UCA Consortium , Barthelemy D.

Date de parution: juillet 2023
Volume: 47
Number: 3
Pagination: 343-356

Corresponding author: Fabrice Teletchea,

How to cite: Teletchea, F., Bailly, N., Bun, O., Degors, M., De Wever, T., François, V., Husson, L., Le Yannou, T., Loyau, R., Marc, T., Marteau, E., Sinthes, M., UCA Consortium, & Barthelemy, D. (2023). Aquariums and FishBase partnership to increase knowledge of fish biology. Cybium, 47(3): 343-356.


Aquariums have evolved from exhibiting animals primarily for public enjoyment to become conservation organizations whose missions are to inspire and contribute to wildlife conservation. In France, the Association of Aquarium Curators (UCA ) currently has 29 active members working in 26 aquariums. This article describes why and how UCA and FishBase have collaborated since 2018. Following a survey conducted in 2019, 18 aquariums worked to integrate their species lists and photos into FishBase. Fifteen agreed to appoint a FishBase representative, whose main missions would be to collect and curate data in each aquarium before sending them to FishBase. Overall, 851 species are hosted within the seven aquariums for which we obtained the list of species, among which less than 10% are well documented in FishBase. The development of this new partnership relies chiefly on representatives of FishBase to drive it. To be sustainable in the long term, strengthened collaborations among aquariums will be needed, and between aquariums, academia, and hobbyists. The number of species maintained and bred in aquariums presents an opportunity for new research collaborations and contributions to fish biology, basic and applied research on fish husbandry, and meta-analyses of traits and life stages that would be otherwise impossible to perform.

Mots-clés: Academia - Association of Aquarium Curators - Conservation - FishBase - Hobbyist - Research
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