Annotated checklist for fishes of the Main Nile Basin in the Sudan and Egypt based on recent specimen records (2006-2015)

Neumann D., Obermaier H., Moritz T.

Date de parution: décembre 2016
Volume: 40
Number: 4
Pagination: 287-317

How to cite: Neumann, D., Obermaier, H., & Moritz, T. (2016). Annotated checklist for fishes of the Main Nile Basin in the Sudan and Egypt based on recent specimen records (2006-2015). Cybium, 40(4): 287-317.


The results of several short ichthyological surveys on the Nile Basin in Sudan between 2006 and 2015 are presented. In attempting to represent major type localities and recently observed variability, we complement known field records with records of a reference collection of recent fish bones collected during the 1980s and records of aberrant cichlids populations in Egypt observed at El Fayum and in lakes of the Nile Delta. From 133 native species in the Republic of the Sudan and Egypt, 107 out of 62 genera and 28 families have been confirmed so far. The Main Nile Basin, i.e. the Sudd and all affluents to the Nile in the South Sudan and the Republic of the Sudan (White and Blue Nile, Sobat and Atbara) and all satellite waterbodies in Egypt, currently harbours 150 species. This count includes 10 “abberant” populations putatively representing distinct species, namely Garra cf. vinciguerrae, G. sp. nov. “flathead”, G. sp. “Sennar”, Haplochromis sp. “Delta1”, H. sp. “Delta2” and H. sp. “Fayum”, Hemichromis cf. letourneuxi “Birkat Abu Jumas”, Micropanchax cf. loati, Poropanchax cf. normani, and Chiloglanis sp. “Sennar”. Two local populations, Sarotherodon galilaeus (Mariut) and Labeo forskalii (Sennar), seem different but are not included to the count of “abberant” populations because of the high overall variability in these two species in general and intermediate populations that have been observed along the Main Nile. Andersonia leptura reaches as far north as Taraq Island below the former fourth Nile cataract while the small species Chiloglanis niloticus, Mochokus niloticus, Nannocharax niloticus and Kribia nana are confirmed based on individual records since Boulenger (1907). Five introduced species are confirmed for the Delta region: the cyprinids Ctenopharyngodon idella, Mylopharyngodon piceus and Pseudorasbora parva, as well as the poecilids Gambusia affinis and Poecilia sp. (latipinna or velifera). The latter species is recorded for the first time in the studied area. Together with Oreochromis mossambicus and Cyprinus carpio, the Main Nile currently harbours seven introduced species.

Mots-clés: Africa - Checklist - Main Nile Basin - Nile fishes - Subfossil fish bones - Threatened species
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