Age and growth of megrim Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis (Scophthalamidae) from eastern central Adriatic Sea

Šantić M., Stagličić N., Pallaoro A., Markov M., Jardas I.

Date de parution: octobre 2013
Volume: 37
Number: 4
Pagination: 255–261
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

The age and growth parameters were analysed for Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis (Walbaum, 1792) collected in the eastern central Adriatic. Samples were collected monthly from January to December 2006 on the random basis, with a total of 1118 specimens analysed (538 males and 580 females). The values of b for males (3.166), females (3.212) and total (3.187) indicated positive allometric growth. Growth zones on otoliths revealed seven age classes, ranging from 1 to 7 years, including a high proportion of 2 years old individuals. The von Bertalanffy growth parameters were for males: TL∞ = 41.2, K = 0.152, to = -1.39 years; for females TL∞ = 44.8, K = 0.166, to = -1.07 years; and total: TL∞ = 55.0, K = 0.104, to = -1.61 years. Growth parameters for males and females were not significantly different. This study revealed that megrim is a relatively slow growing fish with intensive growth during first two and three years of its life.

Mots-clés: adriatic Sea - Age - Growth - Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis - Scophthalamidae
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