Zoology 2021

Diversity of model organisms and model organisms from diversity: molecular, physiological, functional and ecological perspectives

The Royal Zoological Society of Belgium (RBZS) is happy to welcome you to Zoology2021 at KU Leuven, Campus Kortrijk on the 17th and 18th of December. The RBZS aims to connect researchers in Zoology throughout Belgium and abroad, providing a network for junior and senior members, who benefit through contacts and collaboration.

Since 28 years, the RBZS and the Royal Zoological Society of the Netherlands (KNDV) organize this Congress together to give especially young, but also senior researchers the floor to present their master, PhD and postdoctoral work. This year we will explore the zoological diversity that is studied at our universities and research institutes in specific symposia (still to be delineated, but more on that soon…). As usual, despite this general thematic, the congress will also welcome all contributions from the field of Zoology, from the molecule to the biosphere.

Organizing committee: Ellen Decaestecker, Gilles Lepoint, Stéphane Roberty, Isabel Vanoverberghe, Sofie Claerhout, Naina Goel, Manon Coone, Nikola Pichler, Ruben Schols, Shira Houwenhuyse, Lore Bulteel, Karine Mahefarisoa, Alice Boudry, Karen Bisschop, Aditi Gurung

On 16th December, the Young Zoologist group will organise a special workshop for PhD student (subject to be defined).

Contact: zoology2021@uliege.be

Web site: http://rbzs.be/benelux-congress-of-zoology/

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