Stiphodon kalfatak, a new species of freshwater goby from Vanuatu (Gobioidei: Sicydiinae)

Keith P., Marquet G., Watson R.E.

Date de parution: mars 2007
Volume: 31
Number: 1
Pagination: 033-037
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Stiphodon kalfatak, a new species, is described on the basis of material collected from Vanuatu. It is distinguished from all other congeners in having 9 segmented rays in the second dorsal fin, usually 14(4)-15(4) pectoral rays, 39-44 tricuspid premaxillary teeth, 1 small symphyseal tooth in females vs 3-4 stout teeth in males, and in having a low number of scales in transverse forward (7-8) and back series (8-9). Males have on the flanks a longitudinal bright line divided in three colours (red, yellow and green) and females are grayish to brownish.

Mots-clés: freshwater - Gobioidei - New species - Sicydiinae - Stiphodon kalfatak - Vanuatu
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