Robaloscion, a new genus for Sciaena wieneri Sauvage, 1883 (Teleostei, Sciaenidae) from the southeastern Pacific, with clarification of the taxonomic status of Sciaena starksi Evermann & Radcliffe, 1917

Béarez P., Schwarzhans W.

Date de parution: octobre 2013
Volume: 37
Number: 4
Pagination: 273–279
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

A new genus, Robaloscion gen. nov., is described to include the Peruvian robalos: Sciaena wieneri Sauvage, 1883 and Sciaena starksi Evermann & Radcliffe, 1917, on the basis of all known specimens. The new genus is defined as a sciaenid with: a pair of horn-like appendages arising at the anterior extremity of the gas bladder; emarginate to lunate caudal fin; very elongate sagitta with a large, globose umbo on the outer face; small eye contained 10 to 17 times in head length. Sciaena starksi is treated as a junior synonym of S. wieneri based on examination of the type series of both species. Robaloscion wieneri is one of the largest sciaenids of the eastern Pacific, reaching a size of 1400 mm, and is distributed from northern Peru to northern Chile.

Mots-clés: Otolith - Peru - Robaloscion gen. nov. - Sciaena starksi - Sciaena wieneri - Sciaenidae
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