Review of the soles of the genus Aseraggodes (Pleuronectiformes: Soleidae) from the Indo-Malayan region, with descriptions of nine new species

Randall J.E., Desoutter M.

Date de parution: septembre 2007
Volume: 31
Number: 3
Pagination: 301-331
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

The following 16 soles of the genus Aseraggodes Kaup are reported from the East Indies and southeast Asia: A. albidus n. sp., one specimen, Sulawesi; A. beauforti Chabanaud, one specimen, Timor Sea, 216 m (a smaller specimen identified as beauforti by Chabanaud is A. kaianus); A. chapleaui n. sp., one specimen, Madang, Papua New Guinea, coral reef, 30 m; A. dubiusWeber, ten specimens, Gulf of Carpentaria, Arafura Sea, Gulf of Thailand, and South China Sea, 45-82 m; A. kaianus (Günther), Arafura Sea, Timor Sea, Taiwan, and southern Japan, 128-236 m; A. kimurai n. sp., two market specimens, Negros, Philippines; A. longipinnis n. sp., one specimen, Banda Sea, coral reef; A. matsuurai n. sp., four specimens, Indonesia and Philippines, coral reefs; A. microlepidotus Weber, one specimen, Sumbawa, Indonesia, 274 m; A. satapoomini n. sp., one specimen, Similan Islands, Andaman Sea, coral reef; A. senoui n. sp., one specimen, Mabul, Malaysia; A. suzumotoi n. sp., seven specimens, bays of Indonesia; A. texturatus Weber, one specimen, Timor Sea, 216 m; A. winterbottomi n. sp., three specimens, Philippines, coral reefs; A. xenicus (Matsubara and Ochiai), 16 specimens, Micronesia (A. smithi Woods, a synonym) and Indonesia to Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands, coral reefs; A. zizette n. sp., one specimen, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia. Alectotype is designated for A. cyaneus (Alcock) from eastern India.

Mots-clés: Aseraggodes - Indo-Malayan region - ISW - New species - Soleidae - Taxonomy
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