Pangasius bedado Roberts, 1999: a junior synonym of Pangasius djambal Bleeker, 1846 (Siluriformes, Pangasiidae)

Gustiano R., Teugels G.G., Pouyaud L.

Date de parution: février 2004
Volume: 28
Number: 1
Pagination: 013-018
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

The validities of two nominal pangasiid catfish species, Pangasius djambal and P. bedado were examined based on morphometric, meristic, and biological characters. Metric data were analysed using principal component analysis. Based on our results, we consider P. bedado as a junior synonym of P. djambal.

Mots-clés: Biometrics - Pangasiidae - Pangasius bedado - Pangasius djambal - Synonymy
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