Observations on two live specimens of Trachipterus arcticus (Lampriformes: Trachipteridae) from the Azores

Moritz T., Stümer D., Jakobsen K., Jakobsen J.

Date de parution: mars 2015
Volume: 39
Number: 1
Pagination: 078–080
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie
doi: https://doi.org/10.26028/cybium/2015-391-010

During a 950 m depth submarine-dive South of Pico Island (Azores) an adult Trachipterus arcticus (Brünnich, 1788) was observed for about 50 seconds. Additionally, a small specimen of the same species with some larval characters was observed near to the surface in the harbour of Horta (Faial Island, Azores). This specimen was caught and observed for 45 minutes in an aquarium. We are reporting here the respective observations on live colouration, external characters, swimming and luring behaviour.

Mots-clés: Central Atlantic - Deep sea fish - Faial Island - Pico Island - Submarine observation - Trachipteridae - Trachipterus arcticus
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