New record of the bothid flounder Parabothus taiwanensis (Bothidae, Pleuronectiformes) from the southern Pacific Ocean (Vanuatu Archipelago) with description of a new diagnostic character

Voronina E., Causse R.

Date de parution: avril 2014
Volume: 38
Number: 2
Pagination: 149–152
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

A finding of the rare species of bothid flounder Parabothus taiwanensis in the Vanuatu Archipelago, previously known only from the East China Sea, is reported. The distribution of this species can now be extended considerably to the south-east, to the Coral Sea, with depth to 250 m. Illustrated descriptions of specimens are provided, and a new character, the perforation of the bases of dorsal and anal fin membranes, can be added to the diagnosis of Parabothus taiwanensis. The comparative examination of 44 type specimens of 22 species of seven bothid genera revealed the perforated bases of median fin membranes in nine and not perforated in 13 species. That is a valuable addition to diagnoses of bothid species.

Mots-clés: Bothidae - New record - Parabothus taiwanensis - South Pacific Ocean - Vanuatu Archipelago
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