Larval development of the Cape Verdean damselfish Chromis lubbocki, with a note on Cape Verdean Chromis cyanea (Teleostei, Pomacentridae)

John H.C., Hanel R.

Date de parution: septembre 2008
Volume: 32
Number: 3
Pagination: 217-224
Editeur: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

A developmental series of Chromis lubbocki 3.5 to 16.0 mm length was obtained from the Cape Verde Archipelago, and waters south of it. Identification was based on the specific meristic and morphometric data for late flexion and postflexion larvae, and on a conforming pigment pattern in earlier stages. The development is described. Postflexion C. lubbocki are similar in morphometry and pigmentation to Mediterranean C. chromis, except that the paired fins are shorter, and the second anal spine is longer. Transforming C. cyanea, C. limbata and C. multilineata differ in pigmentation of the caudal fin from these two species. 

Mots-clés: ANE - Cape Verde Islands - Chromis lubbocki - Larval description - Pomacentridae
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