A juvenile Stereolepis doederleini (Polyprionidae) from a tidal pool at Jeju Island, Korea

Kwun H.J., Park J., Kim H.S., Kim J.H., Park H.S.

Date de parution: décembre 2018
Volume: 42
Number: 4
Pagination: 374-375
Editeur: Société Française d'Ichtyologie
doi: https://doi.org/10.26028/cybium/2018-424-008

We report the first finding of a juvenile striped jewfish (Stereolepis doederleini) from Jeju Island, Korea, collected from a tidal pool on 11 May 2017. The specimen was characterized on the basis of its black head and body, the posterior tip of the maxilla beyond the middle of the eye, the posterior tip of the pelvic fin reaching the anus, dorsal fin with 11 spines and 10 soft rays, and anal fin with 3 spines and 7 soft rays.

Mots-clés: Jeju Island - Korea - Nursery - Polyprionidae - Sterolepis doederleini - Tidal pool
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