The Future of Bluefin Tunas: Ecology, Fisheries Management, and Conservation, edited by Barbara A. Block

Bluefin tunas are dominant keystone predators known for their impressive size, strength, endurance, and speed. Electronic tags have revealed that they can dive to great depths (over 6000 feet) and migrate vast distances—from frigid subpolar seas to warm tropical waters—for spawning. Prized for their rich taste and unique texture, bluefin tunas are also a worldwide commodity of great value. However, over the past few decades, overfishing throughout their range has led to significant population reductions.

In The Future of Bluefin Tunas, Barbara A. Block brings together renowned bluefin experts from 15 different countries to share the latest information on the science, fisheries policy, and management decisions related to each of the three species within the Thunnus group—Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern. Synthesizing basic and applied research, the book delves into every aspect of these majestic fish, from their life history and genetic makeup to their ecology and migrations. Ichthyologists and marine scientists dedicated to the study of these fishes report on the latest stock assessments, explore the results of advances such as biologging and DNA sampling, and assess the potential of bluefin tuna aquaculture.

The Future of Bluefin Tunas provides critical research findings to inform decisions that will impact tunas and the ocean ecosystems they affect. Scientists, fisheries managers, policymakers, and marine conservationists will take away key data from this timely volume to help them ensure these remarkable fish continue in perpetuity.