French ichthyological records for 2019

Iglésias S.P., Bariche M., Beau F., Bérenger L., Beucher R., Chabrolle A., Cottalorda J.M., Cousin B., Curd A., Danet V., Duhamel E., Duval A., Farque P.A., Goascoz N., Jadaud A., Larnaud P., Le Bouter M., Le Bras Y., Le Bris S., Lombard L., Louisy P., Mandine A., Mas L., Menut T., Metral L., Poussard P., Quéro J.C., Raybaud V., Renoult J.P., Richard T., Spitz J., Ternon Q., Thiriet P., Tournier-Broer R.

Published date: October 2021
Volume: 45
Number: 3
Pagination: 169-188

How to cite: Iglésias, S. P., & Bariche, M., Beau, F., Bérenger, L., Beucher, R., Chabrolle, A., Cottalorda, J.-M., Cousin, B., Curd, A., Danet, V., Duhamel, E. Duval, A., Farque, P.-A., Goascoz, N., Jadaud, A., Larnaud, P., Le Bouter, M., Le Bras, Y., Le Bris, S., Lombard, L., Louisy, P., Mandine, A., Mas, L., Menut, T., Metral, L., Poussard, P., Quéro, J.-C., Raybaud, V., Renoult, J. P., Richard, T., Spitz, J., Ternon, Q., Thiriet, P., & Tournier-Broer, R. (2021). French ichthyological records for 2019. Cybium, 45(3): 169-188.


Uncommon fish records may reflect local or global changes of fish composition resulting from environmental changes or anthropogenic activities. Significant records of uncommon marine fishes, including migrant, non-native, cryptic, rare and threatened species, collected in French waters or by French vessels in European waters, observed by scuba divers or beachgoers, are reported for the year 2019. They include first, new, rare and unusual records for the following 33 species: Tetronarce nobiliana, Gymnothorax unicolor, Maulisia mauli, Salmo trutta, Grammonus ater, Photostomias guernei, Ijimaia loppei, Echiodon drummondii, Holocen- trus adscensionis, Nerophis lumbriciformis, Scorpaena scrofa, Lepidotrigla dieuzeidei, Eutelichthys leptochirus, Liparis montagui, Mycteroperca rubra, Serranus cabrilla, Remora remora, Caranx crysos, Naucrates ductor, Trachurus picturatus, Seriola rivoliana, Argyrosomus regius, Parablennius pilicornis, Pseudoscopelus astro- nesthidens, Deltentosteus collonianus, Didogobius schlieweni, Didogobius splechtnai, Gobius couchi, Gobius gasteveni, Lebetus guilleti, Synapturichthys kleinii, Lagocephalus lagocephalus and Mola mola, among which I. loppei, H. adscensionis and P. astronesthidens represent first records for the French waters and additions to the Checklist of the marine fishes from metropolitan France. Photostomias guernei is a first record for the Bay of Biscay, found close the French EEZ.

Keywords: distribution - First record - Fishes - Mediterranean - New record - North Eastern Atlantic
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