New records of serranids (Perciformes) from the continental shelf of Ecuador with a key to the species, and comments on ENSO-associated fish dispersal

Béarez P., Jiménez Prado P.

Published date: April 2003
Volume: 27
Number: 2
Pagination: 107-115
Publisher: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

Six serranids found at fish markets on the Ecuadorian coast constitute new records for the continental part of this country, bringing the number of species up to 34 for this family. Mycteroperca olfax, Epinephelus cifuentesiLiopropoma fasciatum and Anthias noeli, are species from the Galápagos Islands, Paralabrax loro is a more northern tropical species and Acanthistius pictus a typical inhabitant of the Humboldt Current ecosystem. The presence of some of them on the continental shelf of Ecuador could be linked with the late El Niño/La Niña regime (1997-1998).

Keywords: Acanthistius pictus - Anthias noeli - Ecuador - ENSO - Epinephelus cifuentesi - Liopropoma fasciatum - Mycteroperca olfax - New records - Paralabrax loro - Serranidae - Zone Pacifique
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