An updated checklist of the marine fish fauna of Reunion Island, South-Western Indian Ocean

Letourneur Y., Chabanet P., Durville P., Taquet M., Teissier E., Parmentier M., Quéro J.C., Pothin K.

Published date: June 2004
Volume: 28
Number: 3
Pagination: 199-216
Publisher: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

The ichthyofauna of Reunion Island, Southwestern Indian Ocean, was sampled during several ecological and artisanal fisheries studies. Information from these investigations and from other sources were included to compile the present checklist of the marine fishes of the island. A total of 885 species belonging to 150 families was recorded. Nine species are known only from Reunion, indicating endemism of about 1.0%. The most speciose families (Labridae, Gobiidae, Serranidae, and Pomacentridae) were also among the most speciose at the neighbouring Mauritius Island (except gobiids), and, generally, on other islands in the Indian Ocean area (Maldives, Chagos, Madagascar and Christmas Island). The Gobiidae only represented 5.4% of the ichthyofauna, which was similar to the ratio for Aqaba (Red Sea), contrasting with 8.0% recorded for the Maldives, 13.0% at Chagos or other higher percentages recorded in the Pacific Ocean. The Apogonidae and Scaridae are relatively poorly diversified at Reunion, also in contrast with the Maldives, Madagascar, Chagos, Aqaba (Red Sea) and certain Pacific areas. The recent geological origins of Reunion Island and the low diversity of its marine biotopes are probably the most significant factors explaining both the total species richness and species richness of some major families.

Keywords: Biogeography - Checklist - ISW - Marine ichthyofauna - Réunion Island
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