STOREFISH: a new database dedicated to the reproduction of temperate freshwater teleost fishes

Teletchea F., Fostier A., Le Bail P.Y., Jalabert B., Gardeur J.N., Fontaine P.

Published date: June 2007
Volume: 31
Number: 2
Pagination: 227-235
Publisher: Société Française d'Ichtyologie

There is currently an increasing demand for the diversification of the production in fish aquaculture and the domestication of new species, which may display highly divergent strategy of reproduction. Yet, today, the domestication of a new species is still essentially realized by a long, costly, and usually empirical zootechnical process. Within this context, a research program has been launched to establish a functional typology, focusing on the function of reproduction, in order to cluster species displaying similar reproductive strategies, and thus apply or adapt rearing systems (zootechnical practices) already in use in species belonging to the same group. This research has been restricted to some temperate freshwater teleost species inhabiting Europe and North America. This objective has required the development of a new database, namely STOREFISH (acronym for STrategies Of REproduction in FISH), which currently comprises 50 reproductive traits for 80 species (distributed into 19 families). The 50 characters are classified into four main categories: 7 characters for egg, 7 for larvae, 21 for breeders and 15 for spawning conditions. Overall, 70% of the character/species cells were successfully fulfilled, corresponding to 1000 biographical references. The potential applications of this database for the study of the domestication process in fish aquaculture are further discussed.

Keywords: Aquaculture - database - freshwater - Reproductive strategies - STOREFISH - Teleost fish
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