Metazoan ectoparasites of two teleost fish, Boops boops (L.) and Mullus barbatus barbatus L. from Algerian coast: diversity, parasitological index and impact of parasitism

Ramdane Z., Trilles J.P., Mahé K., Amara R.

Published date: April 2013
Volume: 37
Number: 1-2
Pagination: 059–066
Publisher: Société Française d’Ichtyologie

A total of 664 Boops Boops (Linnaeus, 1758) and 823 Mullus barbatus barbatus Linnaeus, 1758 from the east coast of Algeria were examined to study their parasitofauna. We collected eleven parasitic species (two monogeneans, three copepods, five isopods and one Branchiura) from B. boops, and four parasitic species (two copepods and two isopods) from M. barbatus barbatus. Five species were reported for the first time in Algeria. The site of attachment on the host and the degree of specificity varied according to the parasite species while the infestation rate changed according to the month and the host size. The parasitism did not show a significant negative impact on the biological parameters of the fish host.

Keywords: Algeria - Boops boops - Ectoparasites - Impact of parasitism - Mullus barbatus barbatus
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