2017 The Asian Society of Ichthyologists Society (ASI) meeting

 The 2017 The Asian Society of Ichthyologists Society (ASI) meeting will be held on 22-24 August 2017 at the University of Science-VNU HCM, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The local host is Dr. Hoang Duc Huy, Associate Professor from Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Science, VNUHCM. The web site for the meeting is available at http://sedes-ijl.com/asi-2017-register-now-.html>http://sedes-ijl.com/as.... The deadline for registration is 30 April 2017. Please don't miss it!
Please also circulate the meeting news to your colleagues who may be interested in participating the meeting. Any question or concern, please contact 2017 ASI meeting organizer Assoc. Prof. HOANG Duc Huy (email: hdhuy@hcmus.edu.vn) or 2017 ASI meeting secretary, Ms. TRAN Trong Ngan (email: asi2017.hcmus@gmail.com).

A symposium on systematics (taxonomy and phylogenetics) of Asian (or Indo-West Pacific) fishes is being organized for the 2017 meeting of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists. Pending favorable review, manuscripts from the papers presented at the meeting will be published in a special issue of Zootaxa.  If you would like to participate in the symposium, please email a tentative title to Dr. Larry Page (email: lpage@flmnh.ufl.edu) before or when you register for the meeting. To participate in the symposium, when you register please indicate that you will be giving an oral presentation in "Session 1: Diversity, Taxonomy, and Phylogenetics" on the registration form.

We look forward to seeing you in Vietnam in August 2017!

Sincerely Regards,

Wei-Jen Chen, Elected president of the Asian Society of Ichthyologists
Larry M. Page, ASI Secretary (lpage@flmnh.ufl.edu)