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A DNA barcode reference library of French Polynesian shore fishes

14 October 2019
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The emergence of DNA barcoding and metabarcoding opened new ways to study biological diversity, however, the completion of DNA barcode libraries is fundamental for such approaches to succeed. This dataset is a DNA barcode reference library (fragment of Cytochrome Oxydase I gene) for 2,190 specimens representing at l

Unexpected spatial impact of treatment plant discharges induced by episodic hydrodynamic events: Modelling Lagrangian transport of fine particles by Northern Current intrusions in the bays of Marseille (France)

25 April 2018
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Bertrand Millet, Christel Pinazo, Daniela Banaru, Rémi Pagès, Pierre Guiart, Ivane Pairaud

PLOS ONE – Published: April 25, 2018


Histology of the endothermic opah (Lampris sp.) suggests a new structure–function relationship in teleost fish bone

27 June 2018
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Donald Davesne, François J. Meunier, Matt Friedman, Roger B. J. Benson, Olga Otero

Published 27 June 2018 in Biology Letters

DOI: 10.1098/rsbl.2018.0270